My 5 Favourite Destinations


Sydney is a modern city flanked by famous beaches, world heritage sites, as well as commended wine areas. Apart from being Australia’s biggest city, Sydney is likewise the most traveled to. Having an amazing number of sights and attractions to view, such as the very well-known Bondi and Manly beaches, it’s easy to understand why many people come here and stay in no less than 7 days if you possibly could.

With point-blank views of Sydney’s well-known harbor and famous Opera House – and also food constantly ranked among the finest in Australia – Quay has everything. Chef Peter Gilmore has ruled supreme across the Sydney restaurant field for the greatest portion of a decade by offering up food which is fantastic.

Think about his outstanding snow egg dessert – a ball of poached meringue along with a crispy Maltese coating which has a heart of custard apple ice-cream – which highlighted in the final of Masterchef Australia way back 2010 and has now attracted crowds of people to the restaurant since that time.

Cape Town

Table Mountain National Park outlines the town. The flat-topped mountain is definitely the headline performer, however, there are lots of other similarly stunning natural landscapes inside the park’s massive borders. Farmed regions, like the historical Company’s Gardens, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens as well as Green Point Park, also make discovering the city an enjoyment. Follow the guide of residents through taking full benefit of the plentiful outdoor area: learn how to surf; go trekking or biking; tandem paraglide off Lion’s Head; abseil from the top of Table Mountain – just some of the numerous activities being offered.

The place to find golden beaches as well as rich vineyards, Cape Town isn’t just a classic pro at stealing people’s hearts but also a premier city to dine in, no matter whether you’re after a simple braai or fine dining in a sea view. A real foodie can’t visit Cape Town without testing its local type of tubed meat. It’s sacrilege. Boerewors is the national sausage of South Africa. It’s much like bratwurst however with the addition of cloves, coriander, as well as nutmeg to produce a better taste. Try out Boerewors on a roll or alone.

New York City

The epicenter of the arts. Restaurants and shopping center. Fashion Leader. New York City wears a lot of crowns and opens an irresistible banquet for everyone. Once the sun sinks slowly past the Hudson and glowing skyscrapers illuminate the evening, New York turns into one large stage. Well-known actors take on the renowned theaters of Broadway as world-class soloists, performers, as well as music artists, perform at spots small and big all around town. It is a city of experimental theater, indie cinema, improv comedy, dancing, burlesque, poetry readings, world music, jazz music and much more. If you’re able to dream it up, it’s possibly taking place in NYC.

There’s never been a far better opportunity to eat in New York. The city has turned into a hotbed of seasonal and locally sourced cuisine – having dining places cultivating veggies on roof gardens or their very own upstate farms, getting meats and seafood coming from sustainable places close by, as well as adopting artisanal everything – coming from coffee roasting as well as whiskey distilling to chocolates- and cheese-making. Bars also have taken creative imagination to brand new levels, having pre-Prohibition-era cocktails offered together with scrumptious small plates – certainly, gastropubs are among the most artistic spots to acquire a meal nowadays.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is definitely the 2nd biggest city in Brazil and also the 3rd biggest in South America. Coming from the world-famous shorelines of Copacabana and Ipanema into the spectacular summits of Corcovado (who could overlook the Christ the Redeemer statue?) and Sugarloaf, Rio fuses natural attractions along with a vast urban center. It is a party city and something that you truly can’t miss if you like a fun time. The majority of people spend their days around the beach and then their evenings grooving in the clubs.

Rio de Janeiro is also a food hub. If perhaps there’s a single dish which typifies Brazilian cooking, it’s feijoada, a bean dish along with air-dried beef, smoked sausage, pig’s ears, tongue, chili, and garlic. Fill up a plate along with white rice and then a spoon feijoada on top, then simply dust it with farofa (cassava flour) in order to thicken the gravy. The nation’s drink is cachaça, a spirit created from smashed sugar cane which is the primary element of the popular caipirinha. It’s also the base for batidas, a mixture of cachaça as well as fruit juices, similar to the alcoholic smoothie.


Wales may be shadowed by the more often explored England and Scotland, however, for travelers having an admiration for culture, food, and impressive scenery, Wales is really a must-visit. It’s the place of castles and dragons, green-colored hills filled with sheep, as well as an exciting Celtic language of double L’s, as well as tongue-twisting W’s as vowels.

Wales is certainly recognized for its spectacular landscape as well as outdoor activities, but it’s as well fantastic when it comes to food. Native Welsh cuisine is often based on affordable ingredients, yet a lot more menus make exceptional usage of traditional fares, like wonderful Welsh black beef, salt-marsh lamb, fresh sewin, and salmon, often mixed with the national veggie, the leek. The most widely known of Wales’ famous cheeses is Caerphilly, a very soft, crumbly, white-colored cheese which makes the foundation of the true Welsh rarebit whenever combined with beer and toasted bread. 2 traditional cakes are nearly widespread. Welsh cakes are flat, crumbling hotcakes of sugared dough (similar to the flattened scone), whilst bara brith, a favorite complement to mid-day tea, basically means “speckled (along with dried fruit) bread”.